Sponsorship is a two way street. You help us look cool, feel good about ourselves and help us gain exposure in the CrossFit industry, we help you get more out of your training with our supplements, build the recognition you deserve and reduce the cost of getting to where you want to be. Sometimes this means free supplements, clothing and perhaps covering some competition expenses. More commonly we offer discounts on our products and commission payment based on the sales you help us generate.

What??? You haven’t even tried our products?

If you haven’t tried our products yet then you are here for all the wrong reasons (handouts, recognition, vanity). We ONLY sponsor athletes who have a history of using our products and that truly love the Blonyx brand.   

What do you want from us and what will you give us in return?

When enquiring about Blonyx sponsorship be clear about what you want and why. You want sponsorship… what does that mean to you? What will you offer us in return? Think about our goals as a brand and your goals as an athlete. How will you help build our reputation? What channels of communication will you use? What do you think is a fair return for what you are offering us?

Are you willing to put work into this relationship?

The two way street thing requires you to put in the continual effort to support our brand. Our support for you will not wilt over time, and neither should your representation for us. Be prepared to put in time on a very regular basis to support and promote us – a tweet, sharing a picture of you with a tub of HMB+Creatine, telling a few idolizing upcoming athletes about your supplement regimen. This is the sort of weekly representation we expect and without it you will simply lose your sponsorship. Remember we are investing in your ability to promote our brand above all else. If you stop doing that, we will stop sponsoring you.

Be in it for the brand above all else

Before you approach us think about this: Is Blonyx a brand you truly believe in and are happy to be associated with? Communicating the awesomeness of your new lifting shoes, paleo eggnog recipe or WOD shorts comes naturally right? You should naturally think and talk about our products in the same way. It will make your life easy and help you represent the Blonyx brand in the right way.

Who we don’t sponsor

As a company we generally focus on athletes who have competed in competitive CrossFit events such as the CrossFit Games or Regional events. We do focus on other sports such as Olympic lifting and power lifting, as well as general athletic sports, but are much less likely to sponsor athletes in these sports without seeing a good potential return on our investment. If in doubt, drop us an email.

Who we do sponsor

We are interested in sponsoring anyone who will ultimately position the Blonyx brand in a positive light amongst athletes who are members of CrossFit affiliates. While this usually means you are a competitive athlete with big ambition and a big following, we don’t want to limit this. There are plenty of awesome personalities who can kill a WOD – if you are you one of them we would love to hear from you.


This is often the key to sponsorship. If you feel you are well known in your community, have a big online following or simply love to tell everyone and anyone about the positive things in your life, then it will be easy for us to see your value.

Often the right personalities have stories to tell that make them intriguing. Blonyx athlete Steve Howell went out and announced his “Quest for the CrossFit Games” with a blog site with the same name. This slogan ended up on t-shirts at Canada West Regionals and Steve was the crowd favourite. Steve’s reputation has helped build ours in Western Canada.

Communication and social media is king

So you have a “look at me” personality. Great start, but what channels are you using to get yourself out there? Being a top coach or athlete and being interviewed for CrossFit focused articles is great for any sponsor, and we will help with this. Social media is a must have too. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube - whatever you use, it’s a great way for you to interact with our brand on a regular basis and show us that you are as much a part of our success as we hope to be of yours. How is your social media exposure? How do you see it working in our favour and in your favour?


One thing that really excites us is documentation of your activities, progress and success. It's fine for us to announce things, but better if you post, and we share, content. And by content we mean pictures, videos, blog posts… anything that will engage people. This will help us build your profile and in turn build our profile. Content is great… think of the value our network will bring to you in your efforts to gain other sponsors, recognition and even influence the industry.

Creativity and collaboration

You are not your average person or athlete, so why be an average sponsored athlete? If you have ideas and initiatives you think will benefit both of our intentions, this will add real value. We have a fund for creative co-marketing ideas, so email us a proposal!

Bottom line – BE REALISTIC

Treat sponsorship like a form of employment with a potentially massive bonus at the end of it. You will need to invest time and energy into the relationship but can expect a lot of support to help you get to where you want to go in return. Ultimately sponsorship is a contractual relationship and you should expect to have to meet the demands you sign up for.

There are websites out there that charge us $60 to get over 3,000 visits to the Blonyx website a month. If you are asking for $60 of product then why should we give you the gear and not give the website the money? Ultimately all we want you to do is think about what you are asking, think about why it might be commercially beneficial for us. Most of all be realistic.

How to enquire about sponsorship with Blonyx

To enquire about sponsorship with Blonyx contact us… but be warned: People who send us a cut and paste email will be ignored. If you aren’t willing to invest the time to understand our brand and think about the above guidelines, why should we invest in you? It is important to do your research on every company you approach, as they will almost certainly have different requirements and objectives.