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Commit to Your Athletic Ambition

We make sports nutrition products that help you achieve your athletic goals faster.

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Improve your muscle endurance, VO2 max and recovery, and reduce your risk of injury.

Strength & Power

Increase your strength, power output and muscle integrity, and reduce your risk of injury.


Accelerate your recovery, feel better and bounce back more quickly after intense training.

Injury Support

Shorten your rehab time, reduce muscle loss and maintain your performance through injury.


Maintain your strength and endurance, recover more easily and perform your best for longer.

Blonyx product range on a bench in a gym
Blonyx product range on a bench in a gym

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How We Support Your Training

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Commitment to Science

We only use thoroughly-researched ingredients at doses shown to improve athletic performance to help you achieve your goals faster and easier.

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Simple Ingredients

We use minimal additives, minimal processing and real-food ingredients whenever possible, so you know exactly what you're putting in your body.

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Rigorous Testing

Our facilities are Health Canada and NSF for Sport GMP registered, and each batch is tested by an independent lab, so you can compete with confidence. See the results.

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Measurable Results

Our products will help you achieve real, perceptible improvements in your strength, endurance and overall performance, or your money back.

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Nutrition and Training Resources

We publish weekly articles and research summaries to empower you with the knowledge to optimize your training and recovery routines.

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Your Best Interests at Heart

We'll be with you every step of the way to ensure you see the maximum benefit to your training and performance from your investment in us.

Blonyx Presents: The Ride

A love letter to cycling in Vancouver.

Become an Informed Athlete

How Beet Juice Improves Your Athletic Performance

Discover the performance benefits of beet juice's key ingredient, nitrates, and the best way to get more of them.

Why Endurance Athletes Should Be Taking Creatine

Understand common misconceptions about creatine and how it helps endurance athletes perform and recover better.

5 Post-training Recovery Tips to Fast-track Your Progress

Explore recovery techniques to alleviate sore muscles, accelerate healing and get back to training more quickly.

Why "Eating Your Water" is Just as Important as Drinking It

Learn how to hydrate and energize more effectively with a balanced approach that combines water with nutrient-rich foods.

What You Need to Know About Training in Hot Climates

Learn practical strategies and supplements to maintain peak performance in the heat and how to identify heat-related illnesses.

How Caffeine Improves Your Athletic Performance

Discover how to use caffeine to enhance your performance, the optimal dosage and timing, and its potential downsides.

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