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Blonyx Beta Alanine

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Taking Blonyx Beta Alanine daily will improve your muscle’s ability to buffer lactic acid. This means you’ll be able to train for longer and at a higher intensity before you fatigue. Beta-alanine has been shown to improve performance in short distance running and rowing, and in people doing high intensity interval training or sports that require regular sprints. 

Blonyx Beta Alanine


The Basics

What is beta-alanine?

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid and modified version of the amino acid alanine. In the body, beta-alanine is combined with histidine to make carnosine, a natural lactic acid buffer found in the muscle. The amount of carnosine in the muscle is thought to be limited by the amount of beta-alanine in the diet.

How does beta-alanine work?

High intensity training causes a build-up of lactic acid in the muscle and blood (thought to be why you feel muscle “burn”). The result is a loss of power that eventually leads to fatigue. Supplementing with beta-alanine increases the muscle levels of canosine, which soaks up lactic acid slowing the onset of fatigue.

How will beta-alanine help me achieve my athletic goals?

When taking beta-alanine daily you’ll quickly (within the first 2 weeks) start noticing that you can train at a slightly higher intensity. One well known athlete stated that taking it feels like you have “a third lung”.

After about a month of use you’ll notice that you can maintain your sprints for longer and can go those few extra reps. Your performance will improve as will the quality of your training.

Beta-alanine has a side-effect

Supplementing with beta-alanine can cause a mild skin-tingling sensation called paresthesia. It’s a harmless side effect, but can be a little unnerving at first. Paresthesia can be reduced by taking beta-alanine with food or at a lower dosage. Most people find that taking beta-alanine consistently will cause the paresthesia effects to be reduced or eliminated over time. 

Beta-alanine is often used (incorrectly) as a pre-workout ingredient. One of the reasons is that paresthesia can feel a bit like a surge of energy.

What type of athlete is beta-alanine for?

Beta alanine is ideal for athletes who require quick bursts of energy to perform. If you’re sprinting short distances, say on the soccer pitch, regularly work to fatigue, like in a CrossFit gym, or need the legs for those punchy, thigh-burning climbs on your bike, beta-alanine is for you. Recent research also suggests that it is more effective in older athletes as muscle carnosine levels decrease with age.

What type of athlete is beta-alanine NOT for?

Beta-alanine will have limited effect in athletes focused on max power output training, such as in weightlifting. Its benefit to longer distance endurance athletes is also questionable, however research is indicating that it could increase lactate threshold. In this study it improved 10K run time for example.

Watch the Video

Learn what Beta Alanine is, what it contains, and how it can help you achieve your athletic ambition.

Ridiculously Well Researched

We don’t settle for lab or animal studies. Beta alanine has been extensively tested on training adults in published research studies. Lots of them!

A Clean Product

Blonyx beta alanine contains 6g/day of beta alanine. It doesn’t contain additives, fillers or anything else you don’t need.

What the research shows:

Beta-alanine enhances rowing performance at shorter distances (500-2000m) (2)

Beta-alanine improves cycling capacity and sprint performance (345)

Taking beta-alanine extends time to exhaustion when training at high intensity for short bouts (up to 5 mins) (67)

Beta-alanine can increase power output when doing high intensity interval training like Airdyne sprints (7)

When doing strength based training, beta-alanine increases the volume of training (number of reps), an athlete is capable of achieving (8)

Beta-alanine may also be an antioxidant and have other health benefits (9)

How much beta-alanine do you need?

Beta-alanine is used in the body to make carnosine, a natural lactic acid buffer

We get about 1g/d beta-alanine from eating foods like meat and fish

Research shows that you need an additional 6g/d beta-alanine to improve performance

Our manufacturing facilities are GMP certified. We are also registered with Health Canada

The facilities we use to manufacture are NSF for Sport certified

Every batch is tested and confirmed to be free from contamination and banned substances

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
David Long
Top notch

The best Beta-Analine on the market 🙌

Terence Tkatchuk
Great Product

Blonyx Beta Alanine is an effective product for any caliber athlete. Preforms as descibed with simple formula not having to second guessing any ingredients.

Quality product, great results

I was used to beta alanine being an ingredient of pre-workout supplements. Thanks to the information on Blonyx website, I actually started using beta alanine properly and after a couple of months I can honestly say that I see results.

Love the simplicity of it

I’ve been frustrated by a lot of the Beta Alanine products out there. Seems like the common way to find BA is in some heart-stopping mixture with a bunch of stimulants. I was very happy to come across the Blonyx BA, and the fact they’re a clean supp is also a bonus. Highly recommend.

Runil Boisvert
Bien reçu à la maison

Bonjour, bien content de mon achat mais trop tôt pour émettre un opinion vu que l'article viens tout juste de rentrer. Merci, France.

Jackie Weinkauf
Gives me another gear.

I feel like I have another gear when I’m consistently taking it. I’m a 57 yo female who workouts 4 times a week and runs 7 days a week. This is a staple for me.


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