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Beta-Alanine: A Game-Changer for High-Intensity Sports

In the world of high-intensity sports, every burst of energy and fraction of a second shaved off the stopwatch counts.

This means athletes are constantly searching for anything that helps them perform better—as long as it falls within their sport's rules and regulations, that is.

For many athletes, that anything is beta-alanine. It’s safe for daily consumption, permitted in all sports, and allows them to work harder and move faster for longer.

But what exactly is beta-alanine? And why does it give an edge to athletes competing in high-intensity sports? Let’s dive in.


What is Beta-Alanine?

At its core, beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid, meaning our bodies produce it naturally. You can also get beta-alanine from foods like meat and fish. 

Most amino acids are used by the body to make proteins, but beta-alanine is used to make other chemicals in the body that lead to improved endurance and greater resistance to muscle fatigue—we’ll get deeper into that shortly.

It should be said, however, that obtaining enough beta-alanine through your diet to make a noticeable improvement in your performance can be challenging, making supplementation a practical choice for many athletes.

If you're considering beta-alanine supplementation, consider researching the proper dosage requirements to ensure you're getting enough to positively impact your performance. 

At Blonyx, our Beta Alanine is dosed at 6g per day, split into two 3g doses, to help you get the most out of your training. This is the optimal dosing strategy recommended by the International Society for Sports Nutrition—you can learn more about their beta-alanine study here.


The Science Behind Beta-Alanine

Some athletes and gym goers know beta-alanine as the cause of the itchiness or tingling felt after taking pre-workout, but it’s a bit more complex than that.

The power of beta-alanine lies in its ability to combine with the essential amino acid histidine (one the body can’t synthesize on its own and must be obtained through one’s diet) to form carnosine. 

Carnosine acts as a buffer against lactic acid buildup in our muscles during exercise, and this buildup is what leads to muscle burn and fatigue.

In simpler terms, carnosine delays the feeling of weakness felt after intense muscle use, allowing athletes to push their limits and perform at a higher level for longer.


Benefits for High-Intensity Sports

As previously mentioned, one of the standout benefits of beta-alanine is its impact on endurance. 

Numerous studies, like this one from the journal Frontiers in Physiology, have found that supplementation with beta-alanine leads to greater endurance during extended physical exertion. Athletes engaging in sports that demand prolonged effort, such as long-distance running or cycling, can significantly benefit from this boost.

Reducing muscle fatigue is the other key advantage for athletes in high-intensity sports. This is especially beneficial for sports involving repeated bouts of intense effort, both in solo sports like tennis and team sports like hockey.

Additionally, athletes relying on short bursts of maximum power output, like sprinters and swimmers, can see substantial improvements from beta-alanine supplementation.

We can conclude, then, that beta-alanine is quite literally a game-changer.


Dosage and Timing

Understanding beta-alanine's optimal dosage and timing is crucial to reap its full benefits.

While individual needs may vary, research bodies like the above-mentioned International Society of Sports Nutrition recommend taking 4–6 grams of beta-alanine daily, spread into 2–3 smaller doses throughout the day. Click here for more specific details about their recommended dosing strategy.

Consistency is key, and athletes should consider beta-alanine as part of their daily regimen for maximum effectiveness.


Health and Safety Considerations

While beta-alanine is safe for most individuals, some may experience mild side effects such as a tingling sensation called paresthesia. It's essential to note that these sensations are harmless and temporary.


Final Thoughts on Beta-Alanine for High-Intensity Sports

Beta-alanine stands out as a formidable ally for athletes engaged in high-intensity sports. Its ability to improve endurance, reduce muscle fatigue, and help athletes maximize their power output makes it useful for those striving to achieve their athletic ambitions. 

If you plan to incorporate beta-alanine into your daily routine, please remember to consider the optimal dosage, timing, and safety precautions. 

We encourage you to check out our Beta Alanine user guide for more useful information about taking Beta Alanine.


— That’s all for now. Train hard!


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