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Blonyx HMB Sport

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HMB Sport is a simple, additive-free supplement that will speed your athletic progression by enabling you to train harder and need less recovery time. It contains calcium-bound HMB shown in research to improve many aspects of performance, from running, cycling and rowing, to strength and power output. It also has the added benefit of slowing the natural muscle loss seen with age, and can help you bounce back from injury faster.

Blonyx HMB Sport


The Basics

What's HMB Sport made of?

HMB Sport contains nothing but HMB. The body gets HMB naturally either from food (such as alfalfa, fish and citrus fruit) or by deriving it from leucine in the diet. It is used by the body to make muscle cell membranes and can also adjust protein production.

How does HMB work?

HMB is mainly found in the muscle where it slows muscle protein breakdown and speeds protein production. It also has a protective effect, reducing exercise-induced damage so you need less time to repair. Research shows that when supplementing the diet with ~3g/d HMB you need less recovery time and will adapt to your training quicker.

How will HMB help me achieve my athletic goals?

You’ll start to notice the impact of taking HMB after about three weeks of daily use. It usually starts with noticeably less soreness, and/or a feeling that you aren’t as tired as you normally are from training. After three weeks is the time to start pushing your training to a higher intensity to reap the benefits, and in 4-6 weeks in you’ll see a measurable improvement in your progression as an athlete. 

What type of athlete is HMB Sport for?

HMB Sport is ideal for almost all athletes as it simply improves the quality of your training. It’s also a great supplement for masters athletes or injured athletes as it will slow the natural muscle loss with age or inactivity. 

What type of athlete is HMB Sport NOT for?

HMB is a very well researched supplement ingredient with data showing improvements across the board. There are however, studies indicating that it may not work so well in athletes not actively working to improve fitness, strength or power (e.g. a rugby player mid-season).

Athletes who are not concerned with gaining muscle water weight may prefer to take HMB+ Creatine to get the benefits of both HMB and creatine monohydrate.

Watch the video

Learn what HMB Sport is, what it contains, and how it can help you achieve your athletic ambition.

A Clean Product

HMB Sport contains 3g/day of HMB and nothing else. It doesn’t contain additives, fillers or anything else you don’t need.

For Performance, Injured and Ageing Athletes

Taking HMB will improve the effectiveness of your training. It can also prevent you losing muscle when inactive and even as you age.

Ridiculously Well Researched

We don’t settle for lab or animal studies. HMB has been extensively tested on training adults in published research studies. Lots of them!

Where your body gets HMB from:

The body naturally makes 1g/d HMB from amino acids

We get about 0.5g/d HMB from foods like fish and citrus

Research shows that an additional 3g/d HMB impacts performance

HMB and masters athletes - the research:

HMB is ideal for masters athletes

HMB has been shown to slow age related muscle loss. This makes it an ideal supplement to take as we work hard to maintain our athletic ambitions as we get older. Interestingly, research also shows that as we get older our muscles contain less HMB. It theoretically works by simply slowing the rate at which our body breaks down muscle protein.

Our manufacturing facilities are GMP certified. We are also registered with Health Canada

The facilities we use to manufacture are NSF for Sport certified

Our products are free from banned substances

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Chrystal Ladouceur
This stuff is amazing!

I'm a 42 year old woman. Exercise soreness/DOMS was getting worse and worse as I get older - really causing me a fair bit of stress and interfering with my ability to exercise. I expected that this would take a little while to work but from day 1 I haven't experienced a bout of DOMS like I was previously. This stuff is amazing. It's on auto-order now, and so long as I'm still working out I'll still be taking this! If you're a masters athlete whose struggling to manage DOMS - try this stuff!

Paige Davis

Since I started taking this I have noticed improved recovery after workouts that previously would have left me feeling sore due to the routine change. I’m very glad I purchased this and it is worth a repurchase for sure!

Amazing product!

I was given this product by a brand ambassador by the name of Ben Orr, and I have to say it really does work! Amazing recovery and muscle growth from this product. Will definitely be coming back.

B Martin

I have been taking HMB regularly for at least a year. I am a masters (70yrs old) crossfit athlete and started taking it to aid muscle soreness and recovery. It has helped me tremendously. I have experienced no side effects and feel it truly helps.


Great product


A staple item for an older althete


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