We align sports nutrition with your athletic ambition


We are Blonyx - Creators of better sports nutrition products that are simple, science based and entirely focused on fueling your athletic ambition. Our mission is to change the sports nutrition market for the better, bringing science, education and high integrity marketing back to an industry we feel needs to show more respect to the athletes it serves.

We will do this by doing three things:

  1. Translate science and technology into excellent products that support athletes in their journeys
  2. Work to educate the athletic community to help them make better nutritional choices based on scientific understanding
  3. Actively fight against products and brands that aren’t respecting the athletic community in the way they market and sell their products



Our Story

Blonyx was founded by Rowan Minnion in 2011 in Vancouver, BC. A past collegiate athlete and biomedical scientist, he had spent years running studies on, and researching nutritional products. Rowan saw first hand how beneficial sports nutrition could be if applied correctly, but also observed the questionable tactics brands were using to generate sales.

In the 90’s, many countries effectively stopped ...

In the 90’s, many countries effectively stopped regulating sports nutrition products. The result was a surge in products that caused consumer confusion, were based on fads, used questionable marketing tactics, made unfounded claims, and were under-dosed. The most unfortunate part was that these products being unchecked and regulated was now commonplace. The industry had become detached from science.

This sobering realization caused Rowan to stop taking supplements altogether. The fact that so few brands respected the trust given by the athletes they serve needed to change. The industry needed a shake out, it needed a brand that not only did the right thing, but would fight to protect the integrity of the industry and its athletes.

Rowan had an entrepreneurial itch that needed scratching... In 2011 Blonyx was founded on the desire to change and challenge the industry. Maintaining his connection and deep rooted belief in science, Rowan was determined to bring science and integrity back to the sports nutrition industry, and to give respect to athletes he served using 3 Guiding Pillars: Simplicity in product, Depth in research, and Integrity in marketing.

Fast-forward nearly a decade later, Blonyx is thriving and continuing to not only innovate, but to fight for integrity in an industry that is lacking. Staying true to our roots, Blonyx ensures all products are of the highest quality; they’re made in the best manufacturing facilities (GMP, NSF for sport, Informed Choice certified), are religiously batch tested, adhere to what is listed on the label, and meets purity standards with certifications to prove that they’re free from contaminants and banned substances.

Blonyx refuses to stand by and allow companies to disrespect athletes we serve. We challenge the sports nutrition industry to rise above their bottom line by demanding products that are clean and scientifically proven to work. We will not tolerate sub-par products and false promises. We lead by example, and are on a mission to hold the industry accountable to follow. We are BLONYX STRONG.


Our 3 Guiding Pillars


As an athlete, you should know what ingredients you are putting in your body and why. We promise to keep our products simple and understandable to support this.

Science is the engine behind our business as our guiding pillar. We promise to only produce products that are backed by a depth of relevant science. Each ingredient used in our products have at least 10 published research studies on exercising human subjects to back and confirm their effectiveness. No pseudo-science, no false claims.

We believe in the importance of being true to the athletes we serve. Our focus is on education and integrity rather than marketing hype to sell and develop our products. We will always be upfront on our labels, we will never undersell on dosage or supply to cut our pricing.


Blonyx Product Promise


We go out of our way to ensure our products are of the highest quality. This means making them in the best manufacturing facility we could find (GMP, NSF for sport, Informed Choice certified) and testing our finished products to ensure they adhere to the label, meet our purity standards and are free of contaminates or banned substances. We do this out of respect to the athletes we serve.