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Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate

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Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate is a clean, minimally processed product with only 7 simple ingredients. It tastes completely natural and is as close to real food as you can get.

Check out our infographic to see how it compares to whey and plant based proteins.

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Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate


Who is Blonyx Egg White Protein For?

Strength athletes

Sports athletes

Crossfit athletes

Mountain bikers

Road bikers

Endurance athletes


Just 7 Simple Ingredients

Egg White Protein Isolate

Eggs whites are filtered to remove the eggy taste, then sprayed into an eggy mist that is dehydrated into a powder.

Organic Cane Sugar

Sugar is added for taste and as fuel for your recovery - for anyone who is active, carbohydrates are vital for muscle fuel and recovery - especially in training at higher intensities or volumes

Cocoa & Natural Chocolate Flavor

The star of the show! Cocoa and natural chocolate flavor gives our egg white protein it's signature chocolate milk flavor.

Guar Gum

Guar gum is a fiber-rich ingredient made from guar beans. We include guar gum in our protein powder help thicken the final shake and give it that chocolate milk-like consistency.

Sea Salt

Adding sea salt improves the chocolate milk taste, and a small amount of sodium in your post-workout drink can help you rehydrate more quickly.

Sunflower Lecithin

Sunflower lecithin is a natural emulsifier made from dehydrated sunflower seeds. Adding sunflower lecithin helps the powder mix with water or other liquids.

We love eggs...

...they have a great nutritional profile - ideal for any active individual. They taste great when cooked and are used as part of many healthy nutritious recipes.

One thing they aren’t, however, is convenient for your average training day. They break in your gym bag, don’t stay still on flat surfaces and, let’s be honest, are pretty disgusting if eaten raw.

In spite of this, eggs, and specifically egg whites have always been interesting to us at Blonyx. They are 80% protein, contain all the essential amino acids in abundance and are far closer to real food than highly processed whey or plant based powders. Why isn’t everyone downing eggy shakes on a regular?

There are two main reasons why egg white powders aren't a firm favourite:

They froth up into meringue when shaken

They have a bad, eggy taste that is hard to mask

So we gave up on that opportunity...

...that is until we discovered a new filtering technology that could take all the bad taste out of egg whites, and even take out the frothiness too!

After a good while playing with this technology we ended up with an egg white protein powder that has no taste to it. This is a product developer’s dream. With just a few added ingredients (organic cane sugar, cocoa, sea salt etc.) we turned our egg whites into chocolate milk (with no milk or lactose in sight).

For you active individuals this product offers supplemental protein you’ll actually want to drink every day. You’ll also bathe in the comfort of knowing it’s as close to real food as you can get... PS: Don't microwave it #scrambledeggs

Why do we sell it?

One thing that is clear is the importance of adequate protein intake in active individuals - and you guys need more than your average Joe! Protein deficiency absolutely has a negative impact on performance improvements, so increasing your intake a little is an insurance policy.

If you are looking for a protein supplement to ensure your intake is adequate, then we think you should have a high quality product that is close to a whole food and that tastes great, available to you.

Our manufacturing facilities are GMP certified. We are also registered with Health Canada

The facilities we use to manufacture are NSF for sport certified

Our products are free from banned substances

Egg whites vs. the rest

Egg white protein is the original World Health Organization's "gold standard" of protein quality that all others are measured against. Where most other proteins fall short of its complete amino acid profile, digestibility and bioavailability, one exception is Whey. Below is a chart comparing different types of protein supplement sources.

Egg Protein 100 3.9 100
Wheat Protein 96 0.8 64
Casein Protein 99 2.5 77
Whey Protein 99 3.2 104
Soy Protein 98 2.2 74


PER is an old school measurement of the weight increase in a growing animal per gram of protein consumed. Higher PERs mean more protein is used for growth.


Biological value is a measure of the proportion of absorbed protein from a food which becomes incorporated into the proteins of the organism's body.

Check out our infographic “Egg White Protein Isolate vs. the rest” to learn more:

Check out the Infographic


A lot of research has been carried out on different types of dietary protein supplements and their ability to improve performance. In spite of this, the picture still remains unclear as it's a hard thing to study. What is clear is that consuming protein (food or supplement) before or after training will increase muscle protein production.

How this impacts performance or even adaptation is still much debated. Currently more studies show that increased protein intake (various types) has little impact on either endurance performance or strength performance. Only a few studies showing improvements.

Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Far superior product

This protein is phenomenal. I’ve used whey for years because it is cheaper, and I guess it’s true that you get what you pay for.

Gone is the bloating I would put up with from whey, as well as that chemically after-taste.

I can’t say enough good things about this product. Now they just need a vanilla flavour!

Adam Cavaness
Night and Day Difference (Egg Protein)

I was given a sample of Blonyx by my CrossFit coaches who knew I couldn’t have gluten and dairy. I was struggling bad through the CrossFit classes and recovery took hours. I now take Blonyx pre and post workout and I am now getting through class and my recovery after is only about 30 min. On the days I don’t have it with me class and recovery are miserable.

dennis watt
Egg protein review

I believe egg protein is a very good source to help build and repair muscles. Similar to HMB the flavor isnt the greatest, need to mix with quite a bit of things to make it taste decent, no chance I could mix in a shaker with water. However, this tells me there isnt piles of filler and the quality is more than likely not compromised. I would buy again.

Excellent, clean, nutrient filled product

My husband recently developed a sensitivity to whey protein so we opened up a bag of Blonyx I had won at a CrossFit competition. We love the product, it’s clean, filled with nutrients and does not cause any upset stomachs, Highly recommend and we will continue to use a lot of this product, it has become a house favorite

Jessica Manfro
No chalkiness!

This is the first protein I’ve tried ( I’ve tried many ) that checks off both the not too sweet and not chalky boxes and to boot my tummy likes it too!