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5 Things to Know About HMB Before Taking It

5 Things to Know About HMB Before Taking It

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1. HMB is difficult and expensive to make. For this reason, there are a lot of low-quality or even fraudulent products on the market. Click here for a guide on how to choose a better HMB.

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2. HMB doesn't really have much taste to it. It is often mixed with juices like grape or orange. HMB is linked to calcium meaning it quickly and easily dissolves in liquid and is absorbed into the body.

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3. Calcium-HMB, which is the form we use in our supplements, is the same form it has been tested in. Calcium HMB is completely safe to take with no reported side effects. Ever.

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4. HMB’s effects will be reduced if you are not training hard or, as in the case of highly trained athletes, your potential for adaptation to training is smaller (think how much training a 100m sprinter puts in for a tenth of a second speed improvement). For this reason, research on elite athletes has found that HMB only results in small gains in strength and endurance.

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5. HMB's effects are most beneficial when you are pushing your body to its limits in order to stimulate muscle adaptation.


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