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Supplements to improve athlete eyesight, the nootropic danger and protein for endurance athletes

Supplements to improve athlete eyesight, the nootropic danger and protein for endurance athletes

A focus on supplements that improve eyesight this week as data is published on the dangers of nootropics and protein for endurance athletes.

Here are the findings:


Take these two supplements to improve your athletic eyesight

supplements to improve athlete eyesight

This recent review concluded that two carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin play an important role in enhancing visual range, especially in athletes. They improve contrast, reduce glare, and aid recovery from photostress. Increasing their levels through supplementation can lead to significant improvements in visual performance, potentially benefiting athletes and reducing the risk of certain injuries.

Our opinion: Vision is a vital component in performance and these supplements are worth trying out if you're finding visual focus a challenge. 

The Doping Risk of Using Nootropics 

supplements for the brain can contain banned substances

Nootropics (supplements that improve thinking, learning and memory) have real potential for athletes, however this recent investigation found that many nootropics could land an athlete a doping charge. Many nootropics are illegal in some countries, whereas a number of nootropic combination products were found to also contain legal substances that are banned stimulants according to the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). 

Our conclusion: Nootropics is a new, evolving segment of "biohacking" that is still finding its feet. It lacks good regulation and unfortunately the un-suspecting athlete may fall fowl. Always check the banned substance and of course, read the science first.  


Endurance Athletes Should Consider Protein Supplements After Training

endurance athletes should use protein supplements


The study compared the effects of consuming post-training protein and carbohydrates vs carbohydrate-only in well-trained male endurance athletes. The results showed that the protein-carbohydrate combination helped maintain a more favorable immune status by reducing cellular inflammation, while carbohydrate-only supplementation led to increased inflammatory markers over a 10-week training period. 

Our thoughts: We aren't fans of one macro only consumption for athletes. This is more evidence that balance is better. If you are after a protein supplement, consider using a product like Egg White Protein Isolate, that's closer to real food in balance. Check out how simple it is and we make it.


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