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How to get the most from Beet-It Sport

We’re honored to be chosen to support you on your athletic journey. Here’s a guide to help you get the most out of your Beet-It Sport.

Consume Beet-It Sport 2-3h prior to training. This will ensure the performance-enhancing nitrates enter your muscle cells

Consume the entire 70ml bottle to get the full 400mg nitrates - a dosage the International Olympic Committee states will improve performance.

To perform your best at a race/competition take a shot prior to training each day for 5 days leading up to it, then take 2 shots on the day of the competition.

What to expect when taking Beet-It Sport

How you'll feel

Taking Beet-It Sport will make your muscles more efficient and require less oxygen. This means you won’t be breathing quite as hard at a set training intensity. Athletes report that this makes them feel more comfortable maintaining a higher intensity, they feel energetic and they can keep going for longer.  

This product is ideal for athletes who would benefit from being able to work at a higher intensity in their training - such as endurance and team sport athletes. It’s also ideal for athletes who regularly do interval training.

A real food taste

Beet-It Sport contains just beet juice and lemon juice with no additives. It tastes like slightly sweet tomato juice. It contains no additives or preservatives, is minimally processed and digests like real food. 

Side effects

As with eating beets, there’s a chance you’ll see some coloration when you go to the toilet after consuming Beet-It Sport. This is totally natural.


Beet-It Sport shots don’t need to be refrigerated but some people find that they taste better and are even refreshing when cold. 

Four things to consider when taking Beet-It Sport:

Timing is key

Take Beet-It Sport shot 2-3h prior to training. We find using a phone reminder helps get the timing right.

You will be able to train harder

Don’t be afraid to push to your new training limit

This isn’t just any beet juice

Beet-it Sport is the beet juice product used in almost every published research study on humans. This is why it’s the product of choice in pro sports teams across the globe.

Don’t forget the basics

Supplementation will never replace a good diet, good programming, coaching or a good sleep routine.

Products to combine Beet-It Sport with depending on your athlete type:

Learn about other Blonyx products that will help support your athletic ambition:

Endurance athlete


Taking beta-alanine increases your ability to buffer lactic acid in the muscles. This means you’ll be able to run, cycle or swim at a slightly higher pace without fatigue. 

This study found that taking beta-alanine significantly improved 10K run time. 

HMB Sport

Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methylbutyrate (HMB) naturally exists in the muscle where it protects muscle cells from damage and slows protein breakdown. Taking HMB has been shown to reduce damage and soreness post-training so that athletes can train harder the next day

Many studies (like this one) show that taking HMB improves endurance performance and can also improve indicators of endurance capacity like VO2 max.


Science shows that adding just a little sugar (glucose) and salt (sodium) to water is the best way to speed water movement into the body to reduce the risk of dehydration [link to article that relates]. We believe athletes can and should get sugar and salt from real food sources, so we developed Hydra+. It contains fruit juices, coconut water and a little sea salt. 

Team sport athlete or sprinter

HMB+ Creatine

Creatine provides your muscles with more energy for high power movements like jumping or sprinting, whereas HMB increases strength and reduces muscle damage so you can train harder. Together HMB and creatine make an ideal pairing for athletes wanting to run faster, jump higher or change direction quicker.

Beta Alanine

Taking beta-alanine increases your ability to buffer lactic acid in the muscles. This means you’ll be able to spring for longer when a game requires it.  

Sodium bicarbonate

Good old baking soda works in a similar way to beta alanine - by buffering lactic acid. Taking it in small amounts will prevent fatigue, but be careful - it can cause stomach issues if you take too much. 

How Else Can We Support You?

Our goal is to help you reach your athletic ambition. Share the athletic goals you are working towards and our expert team of sports scientists will provide personalized advice to help you reach them.

Wasn't sure about this to be honest with you, but it does seem to be working. I feel like I can go harder for longer when I have one. Without it, my legs seem to die after at a time when they would be fine with this.

I do a lot of cycling and triathlon, so I'm used to training hard and know what my body is capable of. I will definitely be buying more. If you're unsure, give it a try I would recommend it.

I take it about 1 hour before I train or go out on the road. And I've read that you need a kind of loading period for around 5 days before an event.

Beet-it Customer

We got these for a long cycle ride and had heard that they were really helpful for muscle recovery, improving energy and just generally feeling better - and they really worked! I can't believe how quickly I could feel the effects from such a little bottle.

We started taking them morning and night for 3 days before a long ride (over 100 miles) and then I had one in the morning and one half way around and I really felt the difference. We kept taking it for 3 days past and I had no DOMS (My assumption is that it helped with that) and found I recovered really easily.

I'm not keen on the taste of it but totally get why it tastes as it does - so I try to get it down as quickly as I can, but the effect far surpasses the taste!

Beet-It customer

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